IPhone is the name of innovation which was started by Late Steve Jobs and his team. Steve Jobs always wanted to combine innovation with simplicity. But everyone knows that innovation demands money for research. IPhone introduced by Steve Jobs although expensive but still is one of the most innovative and the most luxurious device of the world. IPhone is a trillion-dollar company and is competing with all its competitors all by itself. Since it is the biggest name in the smartphone whatever trend it sets becomes the benchmark for other smartphone companies.

Pros of buying iPhone

1. Design: iPhone has the most appealing design. The size is easy to handle as well. The weight is not an ordeal in the performance. IPhone ensure style and performance all going hand in hand with one another.

2. Performance: Each part of the device and software is developed by Apple itself. Therefore, the performance of iPhone devices is the best amongst all other smartphones out there in the market.

3. Specs: iPhone is equipped with world-class features and specifications. Although they don’t release the details of the specifications but the way they improve their specifications makes them stand out from their competitors.

4. Camera: iPhone is equipped with the world’s best camera. Not just the picture quality of iPhone is the best but the video quality is like if you are recording the video on a professional camera. So for multimedia purposes this is the best smartphone you can ever have.

5. Reliable Sensors: Recently, Apple has replaced its fingerprint sensor with Face ID. This was only possible if you possess world-class sensors. Yes! Apple has the world’s best sensors and they believe in their sensors. That’s why they have taken such a move of replacing fingerprint sensors with Face ID.

Cons of buying iPhone

1. Battery: Despite of the pros, it also has some downsides and one of it is that it features the worst battery life. Although Apple has improved the battery life of the iPhone little bit but still there are some smartphones that offer a better battery life at cheaper rates.

2. Expensive: Unlike the rest of the smartphones in the market they are quite expensive. Android smartphones offer almost similar features but at a cheaper. Moreover, its maintenance is also expensive such as for your iPhone screen repair you will have to purchase its screen and it is very costly.

3. Memory: Memory of iPhones is not very competitive. Even today they are offering 4GB RAM while Android is offering 8GB RAM at a cheap price.

4. Customization: As an Apple user one downside for you is that there are less customization options. There are only limited number of software which you can use to customize your iPhones.